AX100 – Lineshaft driven conveyor system

The roller conveyor is driven by an underlying 25mm shaft. On the drive shaft selected pulleys are positioned for either fixated drive, accumulating or seperation speed.
A drive belt is running between the pulley and the roller that the goods is transported on. The accumulation happens when the goods comes to a hold on the conveyor and the rollers come to a stop along with the drive belt and pulley. Therefor the friction occurs between the drive shaft and the pulley.

With help from the drive shaft a number of features can also be driven such as transveyor belts, separation stops and curves. Which means that this system offers a big amount of diversity with fewer drive units that can be placed more flexible. Most cost efficient when many features are included.

At speeds over 20m/min the noise level increases. In cold, damp and dusty environments other solutions for propulsion is suitable.