PA1500: Accessories

A selection of accessories than can be mounted on the conveyors.

  • Pallet guide
  • Disk guide
  • Guiding wheel
  • Walk plate
  • Indication roller
  • Sensor bracker with or without photocell
  • Pneumatic roller brake below rollers
  • Supports between chain conveyors
  • Checker plate between chains
datasheet Indication roller INR datasheet Pallet guide PI datasheet Walk plate GP datasheet Passage datasheet Disk guide datasheet Guiding wheel datasheet Pallet guiding wheel datasheet Joint bracket


datasheet Supporting wheel KT datasheet Fixed stop KT datasheet Supporting chain KT datasheet Supporting ball bearing KT datasheet Supporting rollers KT datasheet Supporting tiltable chain KT


datasheet Sensor bracket inside frame fixated GFIF datasheet Sensor bracket inside frame adjustable GFIJ datasheet Sensor bracket upper side frame GFO datasheet Sensor bracket outside frame GFU