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Picture gallery – PA1500

MH Modules PA1500 Fast driven rullbana

Picture gallery – PA1500

PA1500 Roller conveyor

PA1500 Drive units

PA1500 Support

PA1500 Stop

PA1500 Lifting and lowering roller conveyor

PA1500 Transveyor

PA1500 Lifting unit

PA1500 Tiltable conveyors

PA1500 Turntables & Pivoting module

PA1500 Pickup & Loading station

PA1500 Truck bumper

PA1500 Transfercar

PA1500 Chain conveyor

PA1500 Drive unit chain conveyor

PA1500 Discharge station

PA1500 Elevator

PA1500 Centering unit

PA1500 Pallet skids controller for EUR-pallet

PA1500 Pallet stacker

PA1500 Accessories

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