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100 reasons to celebrate!

In relations to having assembled our 100th Vertical conveyor, we interviewed Peter Nilsson, acting CEO.

We are celebrating our 100th Vertical Conveyor

-In the spring of 2019, I was contacted by one of our larger customers. They presented a need to replace all their old working stations. Going through all of the requirements, we had after 6 months of intensive work by our design team, produced our first vertical conveyor.
Now 4 years later, we are delivering our 100th and that’s amazing!

Peter Nilsson and the 100th Vertical Conveyor

Peter Nilsson, Acting CEO

Many different variants

The vertical conveyor is currently designed in approx. 20 different versions, to cover all the customers’ needs and demands.
The whole idea is to facilitate the assembler’s workflow, by being able to lower and raise the gods to a comfortable work height. Also, to be able to turn it 360 ° without risking it slipping in any direction.
The basic frames are all the same without any hydraulics.


Vertical Conveyor

Vertical conveyor nr 100

Single largest product in the range

-These vertical conveyors makes it our single largest product in the KE500 line.
This project has involved the whole company and a long list of suppliers. We are humbled by the task and we are really look forward to new and exciting projects.
It is with great pride we now deliver our jubilee conveyor, and of course we are going to celebrate, says Peter Nilsson.



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