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About MH Modules

The work operation at MH Modules is uniqe

We focus to one hundred percent on our partners to help them make a good business. For example, we never put our own logo on the products as it is our partners that should be seen – not us. It is also our partner who are responsible for all sales to end users. This creates security and confidence in cooperation and allows for us to put all our resources on providing a good service and developing new modules and smart solutions.

Function thinking – the key to success

The function thinking flows through the entire operation – from planning and production to function testing and delivery.

This way we ensure that our products function optimally even in complete systems. We have experienced constructors with modern computers and the latest software for 2D and 3D that are responsible for the development of new modules and logistic solutions.

MH Modules has also developed smart management and control tools that our partners can use to ensure maximum execution efficiency – from quotation to finished installation. In addition, there is always a large stock of components and semi-finished products available

We help you all the way

We have three people working full time at our technical support. Here you can get help with:

  • Ideas and suggestions about conveyor solutions
  • Quotations
  • Layout suggestions and logistics solutions
  • End-customer visits if quotation support is needed
  • Training of personnel
  • Advice and help in finding specialized functions and products

Materials with or without logotype that are available via our server

It can be used either with your own logo or completely neutral:

  • Pricelists
  • Data sheets and sales material
  • Estimation and quotation templates
  • Checklists
  • Capacity calculation tools
  • All modules available as 2D and 3D drawings
  • Training material
  • Calculation templates

Network benefits everyone

MH Modules is part of a network of around 180 business partners from diverse industries in different countries that work together on a project basis. This means that a growing flow of new ideas, functions and models is made available for the benefit of everyone in the network.

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