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Pallet stack aligner PA1500

Pallet stacker aligner to facilitate flow Our pallet stacker aligner is mounted with articulated arms on both sides. Hydraulic arms go towards each corner and align the pallet stack. Adjustable stop lugs also restrict the movement of the cylinders, therefore you don't have any unnecessary stops. The best part is...
KE500 Lyftpelare

Elevator KE500

Elevator for vertical transport Technical specification: The maximum weight that the turntable can handle is 350 kg Lifting speed of the turntable is 6 m/m The maximum speed of the roller conveyor is 15 m/m You can rotate the roller conveyor 360° Lifting distance is 2500 mm Pneumatic locking for...
MH Modules KE500 Turning module with Pneumatic stop

Conveyorsystem Medium KE500

In the systemet includes: Turning module with 2 pcs roller conveyors above each other. Chain conveyors 1/2 inch duplex chain Roller conveyor places above each other with drip tray. Lift with roller conveyor.    
MH Modules PA1500 Lågbyggd Drivet trucktag

PA1500 low build roller conveyor

A new low built pallet track type PA1500 low built with a transport height of 76 mm is now in our program. With PA1500 low built, hand truck or low lift truck can place pallet goods directly on the roller conveyor. PA1500 low build is dimensioned for pallet weight up...
Pallet Centering In Chain Conveyor

Chain conveyor with pallet centering

Function: Pallet is fed onto the chain conveyor and past the stops. Pallet is backed up against the stops. Roller unit lifts pallet from chain conveyor, pneumatic pusher centers pallet. Pallet is lowered down onto the chain conveyor. For more information - Contact MH Modules AB
MH Modules PA1500 Manual Pallet Stacker

Manual pallet stacker

A manual pallet stacker enables to pile up high pallet stacks under lower ceiling heights. This product can also be used for quick manual pallet exchange in robot cell. Function: Truck driver arrives with empty pallet and drives into the pallet stacker. Lifts the pallet so that the holders fall in place at...
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