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Rebuild of MH Modules 2022

The past couple of months we’ve undergone a major renovation of our facilities. Amongst the things that’s been done are a new office space, refurbished locker rooms, a new warehouse storage and a completely new workspace for our machine park.   Our deepest thank you to our owners for having...
Sommar 2020

Summer 2022

Summer is upon us and we are soon closing for vacation. It has been an interesting year so far to say the least, and we are looking forward to some well deserved recovery. We are wishing all our partners a happy summer! And to all of our employees, we thank...

MH Modules invests for the future!

Our biggest news this year, is that we are increasing our production area with 700sqm! The reason that we are making this investment now is mainly because of the increased demand in automation, says Jan Holmström, MD. We simply need to expand in order to meet the demand of the...

Under construction

Alot of new and exciting stuff about to happen! We are currently moving and expanding our warehouse. Who knows what this will result in. Keep an eye out for updates regarding this!

PA1500 Lifting and lowering conveyor

PA1500 Lifting and lowering conveyor A smaller conveyor than usual. Because of its size, a drive roller is fitted in the roller conveyor. Pretty nifty when you don’t have enough space for a conventional motor. As for the lifting unit, instead of our normal bellow units, this is fitted with...
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Separation Stop for Pallet Stacker

Separation Stop Pallet Stacker- PA1500 Our customers do not always use the standard EU-pallets. Every company has different needs and ways to make them as efficient as possible, and sometimes that means using special pallets. In this case, these pallets sometimes interlocked and the solution was to come up with...

New homepage!

Our homepage has just gotten an update! We've worked hard to optimise this page, to make your experience here as fast and positive as possible. Hope that you will enjoy this new and improved version!

Pallet stack aligner PA1500

Pallet stacker aligner to facilitate flow Our pallet stacker aligner is mounted with articulated arms on both sides. Hydraulic arms go towards each corner and align the pallet stack. Adjustable stop lugs also restrict the movement of the cylinders, therefore you don't have any unnecessary stops. The best part is...
KE500 Lyftpelare

Elevator KE500

Elevator for vertical transport Technical specification: The maximum weight that the turntable can handle is 350 kg Lifting speed of the turntable is 6 m/m The maximum speed of the roller conveyor is 15 m/m You can rotate the roller conveyor 360° Lifting distance is 2500 mm Pneumatic locking for...
MH Modules KE500 Turning module with Pneumatic stop

Conveyorsystem Medium KE500

In the systemet includes: Turning module with 2 pcs roller conveyors above each other. Chain conveyors 1/2 inch duplex chain Roller conveyor places above each other with drip tray. Lift with roller conveyor.    
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