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MH Modules invests for the future!

Increased Production Area

Our biggest news this year, is that we are increasing our production area with 700sqm!
The reason that we are making this investment now is mainly because of the increased demand in automation, says Jan Holmström, MD. We simply need to expand in order to meet the demand of the increasing volumes from our partners.

Increased production area

Work in progress – the 700 sqm area is taking form

Newly renovated part of the building

Today the production area is located in the same facility as the assembly area, but will within a few weeks move to a separate and newly renovated part of the building.
-This will not only increase our assembly area with more than double but we will also be able to get a much more effective work flow, Jan says. Considering a lot of our partners have decided to move their production lines back from Asia and more and more choosing locally produced products. It feels extremely good to make this investment, which will also become the biggest one in the history of MH Modules.

In addition to the new production area, a new office and conference area is planned. All changing room and lunch areas will also undergo renovation.
-The future is looking very bright, he concludes.

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