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PA1500 Conveyor system


Our popular conveyor system, PA1500 are made for material handling, pallets and transportation of goods with weights up to 1500kg/m.

Read more about the different system categories below to see what differs them and what areas they are suitable for.


Chain driven conveyors

Roller conveyor – chain driven

A robust construction, for handling of goods from TH=250mm above floor level and upwards. Available with a wide range of solutions and options. Depending of weight and type of goods, two different chain dimensions are used.

For handling and separation of pallets, before in and/or after production, a pallet stacker is used. The Pallet stacker uses grip claws to stack or separate the pallet. A variety of models are available for usage of EUR-pallets, both standard and half pallets, as well as other types of pallets. Both with short and long side leading.

Centering of the pallets are done by: placing guide discs on the rollers, guide wheels placed on walk plates, pallet guides or pneumatic centering unit. Alignment of a pallet stack is done easy with a pallet stack aligner.

In situations where the conveyors are placed in the production line, walking plates should be installed. Differences in floor levels are easily fix with steps to ensure a safe passage.

To protect the conveyors during loading and unloading, a truck bumper is placed in front of the conveyor. A variety of widths and heights are available, as well as for two level conveyor systems.

Roller Conveyor

Chain conveyor

In cases where the goods are not suitable or difficult to transport with a roller conveyor, a chain conveyor is opted. Depending on the with of the goods, the chain conveyor can be installed with 2-, 3-, 4 strings etc.

For cross transfer between from two parallel roller conveyors, a transveyor is placed.

Chain Conveyor

Gravity roller conveyor

For transport of goods by personnel using hand power, gravity rollers are used.

Gravity Roller Conveyor

Plastic belt conveyor

In specific situations where the surface on which the goods stand is not suitable for roller conveyors, a plastic belt conveyor is needed. The plastic belt is delivered in polypropene (PP) but options as POM-SLF etc. is also available.

Plastic Belt Conveyor

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