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New Sales Manager for MH Modules Peter Stålhammar

Sales Manager Peter Stålhammar

New Sales Manager

MH Modules are very proud to welcome Peter Stålhammar as our new Sales Manager.
After 8 years as sales representative, Peter has developed a strong relationship with many of our closest clients. With his extensive experience and business knowledge he has a broad understanding for conveyors systems and can deliver appropriate solutions for our clients.
For our employees, Peter will continue to deliver well thought out projects.

Sales Manager Peter Stålhammar


Strong visions of the future

Peter will lead the sales department and be responsible for new strategies and business opportunities.
-It’s an extremely interesting phase for this company and I’m up for the challenge. The last couple of years, we’ve really proven to be a company that delivers good products and solutions, and that we’ve got a heart. It’s going to be very exciting to help MH Modules to continue to develop great products.

Peter Stålhammar assumes his new role as sales manager on November 1st.

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