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AX100: Components

Here we have collected a selection of components that are placed in our AX100 lineshaft driven roller conveyor system

  • Pulleys that are placed on the line shaft. Sits on drive shaft and is used to drive rollers with drive belt. Available as fixed and accumulating and in different dimensions.
  • Jump belts placed either between the shaft to roller or from roller to roller. Used to drive rollers.
  • V belt that are placed ex. in our transveyors are used to drive goods.
  • Rollers – Our standard ∅50 mm. Available in differents roller lengths, with or without grooves. Rollers with grooves are driven with help from drive belt. PVC is used for more sensitive goods, but not sharp.
  • Welding equipment for weld round belts and V belts.

If you wish for other components, please contact us!

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